Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 4....

Day 4 is a favorite childhood memory! I would have to say my favorite memory is not of a specific day, but of many days in general. My dad owns a tire center, and i can remember my brothers and I  always going to work with him. I know what your thinking, boring right? But it was far from boring. I remember there was an upstairs that had racks and racks of tires on them, and we would crawl through the tires. I can also remember packing lunches, and sitting upstairs eating them. It was like we would have a little picnic. We would sometimes help work as well. Changing oil, or helping roll the tires to the cars. It was the best time ever!

I want to know you guys favorite childhood memory! Leave them in the comments below.

  *Clipart from here.

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