Sunday, July 13, 2014

5 Fun Inexpensive Things To Do This Summer

So being a stay-at-home mommy means that funds are tight in our house! I'm sure lots of people now a days are on a budget of some sort, so today I thought I would share our favorite inexpensive things to do this summer.
 1. I think our top one is defiantly a pool! Whether it be a cheap one you get at Walmart, Toys R Us, etc... Or even splash pads, or a public pool. My kids will spend hrs in ours, and boy do they get along while playing in it.
Playing in the pool

 2. Is probably our bubble machine we just got. Just like the pool they will spend hrs just running around popping bubbles. Bubble machine are also pretty inexpensive. They also make bubble guns, which my kids also really like. And yes that would be my son popping bubbles with a shovel! :)
J popping bubbles

 3. Parks- Our backyard is not big enough for a swing set, so we like to go to different parks. We also have a school close by, so while the kids are on spring break we like to walk up (kids like to ride in the wagon) to the school and use the swing set. Sometimes we will pack a lunch and do a picnic at the park.
S on the playground
 4. Zoo- This is a little more costly than the previous 3, but not break the bank expensive. We have not had a chance to make it to the zoo yet this year, but are planning a trip real soon. Once again we usually pack a lunch to take, just to save a little bit of money, and we are not big fans of fast food.

 5. Fishing- we just took the kids fishing a couple weeks ago and they had a blast. It is a little costly if you don't have any supplies already, but it's well worth it to buy them. We just went to Walmart and bought fishing poles and everything else needed and didn't end up spending a whole lot. We also had to buy fishing license but they last up until May of 2015. Now the next time we go all we have to buy is bait, which doesn't cost that much.
Having Fun Fishing

 These are our top 5.... Hope everybody is enjoying their summer so far, and maybe check into some of these things. As we find more fun activities maybe I will post another blog about them. 

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